1930 Vintage Rolls Royce Sedanca Brougham De Ville Limousine

seats up to 5/6 passengers

1930 Vintage Rolls Royce Sedanca De Ville

The Rolls Royce Sedanca De Ville is as large as the other Rolls Royce Limousines in Elegance's fleet. This particular vehicle has historical connections, it is said to have been used by King Edward VIII on numerous occasions, and there is evidence of this through documented television footage.

1930-rolls-royce-sedanca-de-ville-exterior-thumbnailMagnify image The Sedanca has several characteristics, which makes it different to the other Vintage Rolls Royce cars. The body was designed along a similar line to that of prestigious horse and carriages, whereby the interior is of deep-buttoned leather, and the driver is separated from the passengers by a glass division. Some original and authentic features still exist, namely the Opera Lamps, which are visible on each side of the Sedanca. These were used in the past for additional lighting.

1930-rolls-royce-sedanca-de-ville-interior-thumbnailMagnify image The car is spacious and has the facility of occasional seats, to comfortably accommodate up to 6 passengers. Without doubt, the Sedanca is a beautiful example of a Vintage Rolls Royce, incorporating all the splendour and sophistication of a car used by the gentry and Royal family, yet still retaining many of its original features from bygone years.

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