1933 Vintage Austin 20 Landaulette Limousine

seats up to six passengers

1933 Austin 20 Landaulette

The Austin Landaulette is a superb example of a Vintage Limousine from the 1930's era. Full of character and sophistication, the Landaulette is considered by many to be the ultimate wedding vehicle. Extremely spacious, the Landaulette will seat 6 passengers and will add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. 1933-austin-20-landaulette-exteriorMagnify image 1933-austin-20-landaulette-interiorMagnify image The beauty of the Landaulette is that it is a convertible vehicle, therefore, the Bride and Groom have the option of how they wish to travel.

Prices for this vehicle start from £280. For full details and combined package deals go to our Prices page.

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