1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine

seats up to six passengers

1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette

1934-rolls-royce-landaulette-interior-thumbnailMagnify image There is no doubt that the Landaulette is a magnificent example of Rolls Royce at its best. With all the grace and splendour of a typical Rolls Royce, the Landaulette is a much sought after wedding carriage. It combines both the comfort and sophistication of the motor car, yet also offers the unique experience of being convertible, similar to that of carriages from bygone years. 1934-rolls-royce-landaulette-exterior-thumbnailMagnify image A wonderful opportunity for your memorable wedding photographs, the Rolls Royce Landaulette will help to enhance your wedding with a touch of romance, to make your day truly special.

Prices for this vehicle start from £295. For full details and combined package deals go to our Prices page.

Photograph of Rolls Royce
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